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  • Does your race affect your chance of getting in?

    I recently read an article in the Los Angeles Times about the landscape of college admissions with regard to race. The article opens to tell a story of a college prep company in the San Gabriel Valley that shows parents graphs summarizing the need for Asian American students to do better on their tests. The company says Asian American students

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  • What is a good financial aid award?

    We’re reaching that time of year when your senior should be hearing back about where he/she got in to college. But that’s not the only thing on which you should be getting news. Financial aid award letters are beginning to go out, and you want to be prepared. Schools will want to lure you to attend their find institutions, but

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  • 7 Things to Consider When Hiring a College Planner

    We always get questioned on whether or not we’re a scam. People assume that getting a big discount on college is too good to be true, and anything too good to be true must be a shady business. I’m here to explain to you that this is not the case. In fact, Forbes would agree with me. There are many

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  • Can Twitter help you pick the right college?

    I’m sure by now you’ve read about colleges using social media accounts to make decisions during the admissions process. If you haven’t, I highly encourage you to check out this article. It is important for high school students to be aware of their activities online, as “35 percent said they found something that

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  • College Planning: 5 Easy Steps

    College Planning Experts was in the media today! I was asked to be interviewed for a college planning blog on After my interview I thought the last I could do would be to share the topics with you. If you’re starting to think college, then pay attention! 1.) Don’t think your child is too young to plan This kills

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  • Obama: Proposal killed to tax 529 Plan withdrawals

    A few weeks ago we wrote about the State of the Union address and how Obama had proposed a tax hike on 529 Plans (used for college savings). We were largely opposed to this tax hike, as families putting money into 529 Plans did so after taxes. If you’re being taxed on income before putting it away to save, why

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  • The Two BIGGEST Mistakes made on Financial Aid Forms

    Financial aid season is in full swing, so we thought we’d give you a special gift! Have you ever wondered about some of the most common mistakes on financial aid forms? Well, let me tell you two of the BIGGEST mistakes that can really cost you. 2 common mistakes: Leaving a field blank: All income questions MUST be completed on

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  • Checklist to Free Money: The Top 7 things you should be doing to get the most financial aid

    Alright folks, I always get asked to give checklists and tasks to families in search of financial aid. While I am not a huge fan of giving step-by-step instructions (every family’s situation is different, after all), I did cave a bit. Below are some different things you can be doing RIGHT NOW to maximize your chances of getting financial aid.

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  • College preparation in… Kindergarten?

    You read that right, folks. As college admissions trends show that college prep has hit the playground set. Here’s the thing: I am in complete agreement that college conversation is and should be starting earlier than ever before. Does that mean we should be quizzing our 6 year-olds on SAT vocab words? No. What is does mean is that we

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  • Secret ways to get more financial aid

    Last week I had a very interesting conversation with a father of a junior in high school. He was convinced he should not complete the FAFSA because he thought if he revealed his financial information to colleges then they wouldn’t give his student scholarships and grants. He said he made too much money. He thought just selecting an interest in

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  • Insider Tips on College Admissions: Why you should start early

    While you might have a child in middle school or one that is a freshman, believe me it is not too early to start thinking college. Now don’t worry—I am not trying to scare you into prepping for tests and hunting down head hunters tonight; I am trying to convey the benefits of getting a jump start in the admissions

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  • Is the FAFSA working against you: College Admissions Insider Tips

      As I always say, it’s not enough to know the stuff. In college admissions you have to know the stuff behind the stuff. As we sail full speed ahead in this FAFSA season, we need to be careful. Not only do we need to fill out all of the line items correctly, we also need to strategize. I, Brian

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