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  • Important ACT Update!

    Important ACT Update!!   We posted a few weeks ago that the ACT would be changing this September. The changes include edits to roughly 20 multiple choice questions throughout the test, but the biggest chance will be found in the writing portion. The writing portion will be graded on a 1-36 point scale and will look for a different approach

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  • ACT Changes September 2015!

    ACT changes September 2015! The ACT will be undergoing some changes this fall, and this could greatly impact your college preparation plans. ACT, Inc. announced they will be implementing changes to the ACT starting with the September 12, 2015 exam! Brief overview of the changes: • Roughly 20 questions (total) on each exam will be affected by these changes •

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  • Community Service Matters

    Over the past few months, I’ve been privately working with a non-profit organization. This group reached out to me for help, and I couldn’t stand the thought of not offering support. The non-profit I’m referring to helps single, homeless mothers get back on their feet. These women have struggled to survive after being completely abandoned by their husbands. It’s sad

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  • Beware of 529 Plans

    An article posted on today caught my attention today, and I had to write about it. The article boasted that 529 Plans are a great place to save for college (despite the worry about how it effects financial aid awards). The article sites an expert, Joe Hurley, on this topic. With his advice the article explains that the impact

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  • How to Keep Your Retirement and Pay for College

    One issue we hear many of our families say is that they won’t have enough money to retire if they pay for their children’s college educations. They get stuck between a rock and a hard place because they don’t know how to give their children what they need to better themselves without sacrificing their ability to enjoy their senior years.

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  • Why Your Future Beyond College Matters

    As the end of the school year approaches, remember this: some accomplishments have been had, but more opportunities await. While it is important to look back and reflect on all that you have done this academic year, it is also important to look to the future.   For many, the future includes college plans. College is an important part of

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  • How to Afford College

    I think it is safe to say that college is expensive, so how does a family afford to send their children to get a great education without sacrifice?   There are countless solutions offered on how to minimize student debt, and most recently is legislation that has been created by Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. His suggestion is extreme:

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  • College in the Future: Financial Benefits

    I read a great article today on about the future of college. In the article I read about the need for a different skill set in society. Currently students pay by the credit hour and are able to complete a degree once they have a certain number of credit hours under their belt, but the academic content they master

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  • How to Create Your Path for College Success

    How do you define success? The dictionary would definite it as an accomplishment of aim or purpose, but I want to know–how do YOU define success?   College Planning Experts has worked with thousands of families over the years, and I think the first step in the college planning process is to simplify what you’re looking to accomplish. What is

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  • Great Way to Save on College Costs!

    If you’re worried about the high cost of college, then consider this: college tuition has only increased (never decreased) since 1981. With a ever rising cost commodity, you can only imagine… it is going to get worse. What is one to do?   A great way to save on college costs is to get started early. Of course there are

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  • How to Pick the Best College

    At College Planning Experts we are asked, time and time again, how to pick the best college. Parents and students always want to know what the best college is in the United States. Some argue that it is Stanford with its less than 5% of admitted applicants. Others argue that it is Harvard with its prestige and networking potential. Well…

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  • Celebrate College Commitment with Taco Tuesday!

    Class of 2015 (and transfer students):   This year Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday. That is awesome.  So we wanted to take a moment to pause. We want to pause on the stressers out there (like admissions, applications, loans, essays, etc.) to focus on the positive.   National College Commit days was four days ago. You have done

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