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  • 5 Summer Activities to Stay Ahead

    If you have a junior in high school, college is approaching fast! Pretty soon your child will be completing applications, writing essays, and scheduling interviews. If you want the fall of senior year to go by smoothly, do these 5 things to stay ahead!   Finalize College List- Your student may have NO IDEA where he or she wants to

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  • Gargantuan Changes in Admissions

    The class of 2017 has had it rough. First they were told there would be a brand new SAT launching in spring of 2016. Then they were informed that the ACT would undergo a few changes too. Next, a new FAFSA would launch in the fall of 2016. Oh… and a new application called the Coalition would come into play.

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  • 4 Tips to Write an Incredible College Essay

    Sitting down to write a college admissions essay is tough. For many high school students, this is the first time they will write an autobiographical piece. Instead of writing a book review or a analytical piece about a theory, they have to talk about themselves. Trying to get creative when discussing your life can be difficult. Many students question: what

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  • Recruiting International Students

    There was an interesting article in the New York Times today concerning the recruitment tactics that U.S. colleges are using to attract international students. The article found that in many cases colleges are lowering their standards to recruit these students who are more than willing to pay top dollar to attend college in the United States. The trouble is that

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  • Costco Admissions Essay

    In case you missed it, Brittany Stinson was recently admitted to 5 Ivy League colleges and the most selective college in the country, Stanford. She had what most applicants for those schools had–great grades, impressive test scores, solid community involvement, documented interests… but what she had that was unique was a different admissions essay.   An important part in college

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  • Tips to Pick Your Best Fit Colleges

    Creating your ideal college list can be a challenge. There are over 4,000 colleges in the United States. That is a lot of schools with which to become familiar! It is a big reason why families hire professionals to help them make these decisions, but you can start the process on your own. If you follow these different areas then

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  • How to Negotiate for a Better Financial Aid Award

    It’s that time of year again. Families are beginning to hear from colleges regarding financial aid. For a few families, this is exciting as they are getting more in aid than originally anticipated. For most though… it can be a stressful and frustrating experience. When you aren’t getting the type of financial aid for which you believe you deserve, you

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  • Brian Talks Financial Aid on CCTV!

    Brian discusses financial aid on CCTV- With the average cost of an in-state college education hovering around $23,000 per year and the average cost of a private college education hovering around $42,000 per year it is safe to say… college is expensive. College prices have soared over the last 40 years, and many question why. More importantly, many have been

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  • 10 Steps to Start Your College Plan

    10 Easy Steps to Start Your College Plan!   Time and time again we are asked to give families a “how to” book for preparing for college. Well we thought we’d do just that! Below is a quick, 10-step planning process for you to begin your college plans.   1.) You need a destination to create a map.   Do

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  • California Residents: Is College Admissions Harder?

    For all of you California residents is college admissions harder?   A blog post recently made on paints the picture that higher education is a bigger challenge for students living in California. In the article we learn that college admissions for California students at UC schools has slipped form 63% to 60% this year. That means 40% of those

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  • The Value of a College Education

    The Value of a College Education   Is college really worth it? We’re always hearing debate about whether or not the value of a college education holds strong in this economy. With tuition rising people question whether or not the investment is worth it. We want to break it down for you to make it easy for you to decide.

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