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  • If you start, make sure you finish

    Going to college is one thing, and graduating college is another. You want to make sure you finish what you start when it comes to going to college. The best way to maximize the chances of a student graduating college is to get them on the right track from the beginning (i.e major choice and college choice). There are a

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  • The Student Loan Crisis Countinues….

    Enter_Title_Here   Hey Folks,        Here is a perfect example of why college cost need to be planned out for ALL 4 YEARS, ahead of time and not on a year-to-year basis. Student Loans are being cut-off left and right and students that depend exclusively on these loans might not be able to pay for school this year. If you

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  • pas?sion

    Enter_Title_Here Hello Future Rockstars!   Hope you are doing well.   Do you remember when I talked about “PASSION”? Do you know what that means?   Here is the definition of “passion” in   pas·sion /‘pæ? ?n/ Show Spelled Pronunciation Show IPA Pronunciation -noun 1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.  

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  • FAQ of the week

    Happy Monday! I wish you all have an amazing week! I wanted to start off this week with a little Financial Aid "Vocabulary" lesson. Question: What is the difference between a scholarship and a grant? Answer: In the language of admission and financial aid offers, a scholarship and a grant are basically the same thing. Each is considered "gift aid"

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  • How Does the Economies’ Credit Issue Affect Your Student loans??

    Hey friends! Here is a really cool article about student loans that I thought you guys would enjoy. Have an AMAZING day!!!! -Brian The Credit Crunch and Student LoansBy Gary Carpenter, CPA, CCPS With the recent financial crisis we have been going through, the number one question I hear from college families is “will we be able to get a

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  • “Your College Planning Power Hour” Radio Show starts today from 2pm-3pm on KHTS – AM1220

    Attention Parents and Students, I am delighted to announce my first radio show called,  “Your College Planning Power Hour” will start today from 2pm-3pm on KHTS – AM1220. Each week, I will be discussing topics on college admissions, college applications, college selection, career planning, selecting the right majors, finding the best schools in the nation, financial aid planning, college tax

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  • SAT Subject Tests…What are they??

    Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I posted, but I thought I'd give you guys a bit of info about the SAT subject tests since next month is the first fall test date (Oct. 14th)! So, what are the SAT Subject Tests? Subject Tests (formerly SAT II: Subject Tests) are designed to measure your knowledge and skills in particular subject

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  • “How EVERY Family can Save $11,250 for College…”

    “…regardless of your income, assets, or your student’s grades, you can use this clever process to save as much as $11,250 or more in the college process.” presented by Brian Safdari     EVER THOUGHT you’d tell your student to NOT go to class? Your student may not have to take some of their introductory college classes if they already

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    "DECREASE IN PELL GRANTS CAUSES ADMISSION OF FEWER LOW-INCOME STUDENTS" Content in this article is contributed by:Karin Fischer,The Chronicle of Higher Education     A Chronicle analysis of federal Pell Grant data showed a decrease in the number of undergraduates attending elite colleges. Seventy- five of the wealthiest private colleges in 2006-07 averaged giving only 13.1 percent of their undergraduates

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  • Upcoming Workshops

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  • College insider denounces shocking student loan crisis, gives parents free advice to help them save thousands

    For immediate release                                                 For further information, contact:                                                                                    Genessy Rodas, 661-295-9946 College insider denounces shocking student loan crisis,

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  • College Planning Expert’s Launch Blog

    Hi, my name is Brian Safdari, Founder and President of College Planning Experts, Inc. I look forward to  sharing with you the insider secrets about the college planning process that no one else knows. In 2003, when I got out of college, I had over 50,000 in student loans, practically in major debt, and unsure how to utilize my education

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