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College Planning Analysis Questionnaire


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The Key To Your College Success

Attending and succeeding in college is no less important than it ever was, but getting admitted to the right school for you and finding the means to pay for it are harder than ever.

According to a Forbes article from 2018, the cost of a four-year degree is rising eight times faster than wages and has doubled — even when accounting for inflation — since 1985.

At the same time, admissions applications are increasing — especially to prestigious schools — while actual admissions rates are declining. Consider that more students than ever are applying to schools like Brown, Princeton, Yale, and Harvard, yet these schools admissions rates range between a paltry 6.5% and 8%.

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Planning For College The Right Way

Despite the challenges that today’s students and their parents face in gaining funding and admissions for their ideal college, there’s no need to lose hope. When you start planning for college early and work with a team of specialists like College Planning Experts, you can still set yourself apart from the crowd and drastically increase your son or daughter’s chances of getting into one of their schools of choice.

It all begins with a free college planning analysis from College Planning Experts.

What Is A College Planning Analysis?

A College planning analysis is a guided discovery of your child’s goals, desires, strengths, advantages, and the challenges that need to be prepared for and overcome. Our team of professional college counselors will explore your student’s career interests, skills, dream schools, and academic history to help craft a strategy to get you where you want to go. Our free college planning analysis includes:

  • Discussing your child’s career plan, interests, and goals.
  • Reviewing your child’s major interests and dream schools.
  • Considering your expected out of pocket costs and contributions towards your student’s college education.
  • Discussing your financial goals and the challenges you face.
  • Reviewing your current strategies and efforts to afford your child’s future education.

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