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Lauren Franco

Lauren Franco
March 6, 2018 Genessy Safdari

CPE has helped me tremendously with applying to college. Being the first child to go to college in my family, we were unfamiliar with the application process but thankfully we had CPE to turn to with any questions we had. I had the pleasure of having Irene Chung as my college counselor and with her knowledge and constant availability, I had all my questions about applying to college answered. Not only did I receive aid in how to apply to college but I also received aid in applying to scholarships, finding a potential major, and as far as finding jobs that I would succeed in after college through these majors.

Throughout high school, she made sure that everything that I was doing was on track to get into a good college. I would definitely recommend CPE to any family with a student in high school who does not know much about the application process.